Skype & Craft: How to Make Paper Pinwheels

How to Make paper pinwheels

My sister and I finally had a little Skype & Craft session today. We had the greatest time making these cute paper pinwheels. They turned out so cute, and were a super quick craft. Of course I am always slow at these crafts because I am laughing and chatting with my sister at the same time. I love it though. It’s great quality sister time. Even if it has to be over Skype, but how wonderful that we have that technology right??? I decided to make mine a patriotic theme of colors since they go great with my living room. Also I think they are a great all around summer decor. You could do whatever you are feeling though or whatever matches your other decor.

You will need:

6×6 size scrapbook paper: I did 6 pinwheels total, so get as many as many pinwheels you want to make



hot glue gun

wooden dowels

hole punch

a cute jar or bucket to put your pinwheels in


1st step: If your paper is not a 6 x 6 or a 5 x 5 you will need to measure it out and cut it to this size. I did a few of mine 5 x5 and a few 6×6 to give a little variety.


2nd step: Fold the square into a triangle ( in half), unfold it then fold it into a triangle the other direction.


3rd step: On each of the folded lines cut half way to the middle with your scissors.


4th step: On each left corner of your cut flaps take your hole punch and punch a hole in it. You will have every other flap hole punched.


5th step: Take your brad and punch a hole in the middle of the paper. Turn the paper to the white side facing you. Take each corner that is hole punched and fold it to the middle. Take your brad and attach each of those corners to the middle of the paper.


6th step: Attach your wooden dowel to the pinwheel with hot glue. I cut half of my dowels shorter once they were glued to the pinwheel to give more variety.




Place your finished pinwheels in a cute bucket or jar to display and enjoy!