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Quick & EasyOld WindowDEcor

I have been pinning ideas and searching for ideas to decorate my house with an old window. I loved all the ideas I found but put together my own idea from all the ones I found. When my sister was visiting a couple of weeks ago we went looking for old windows. The house I grew up in until I was in high school was knocked down not that long ago. So we knew we could find all the fun old doors and windows laying around. Sure enough we found some great ones!

1st: Before you hang your old window you need to clean it well. I cleaned mine with just Dawn soap and water. It worked great. It’s okay if more of the paint comes off. It makes it even more old farm house looking, which is what I was going for.

2nd: Add a small or large bracket to the back of your old window so that you can hang it securely on your wall.

3rd: Attaching the wreath of your choice is simple. I actually had this wreath hanging up on the wall already in my house. It was the perfect way to make a change with the old window. I took a medium length piece of burlap and wrapped it around the wire of the wreath. Then tied it at the length I wanted on the window. Tie it with a small knot.

There you have it a perfect and simple old window decor for your home. It really spruced up my front entry way. I love it!  Enjoy your simple & easy old window decor!

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