Sewing Machine Guide/Reviews

Sewing Machine Guide Reviews

Just the other day I posted my DIY: Little Girls T-shirt Dress tutorial. When I posted it on Mom Resource Facebook page I had a great question asked. The person was wanting to purchase a sewing machine soon, but wasn’t sure what to get. She wanted my advice on what sewing machine to buy. She wanted to know what brand of sewing machine I was familiar with. I thought what a wonderful question! Then I thought what great information to share with my followers. I hope this information is helpful in purchasing your 1st or even next sewing machine. 

I only have experience with one brand of sewing machine and that is Brother. I have really enjoyed and had great luck with my Brother sewing machine. The very first sewing machine I had was a very simple Brother machine ( Brother L14 Sewing Machine) that a good friend gave to me. She purchased a new sewing machine, and I had mentioned that I wanted to start sewing, but didn’t have a machine. I pretty much taught myself to sew again on this machine. This machine was a  However, I wanted to share some reviews on sewing machines that I have found helpful in purchasing the second sewing machine I have had in my life time.

The second machine I just purchased for my early birthday gift is actually on sale in April at

It was originally $169.99 but is on sale for $134.99. You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to get a good quality machine. The great thing about this machine is that you have options. It is a sewing and quilting machine, so it offers 130 different stitch options. That’s what got my credit card number 🙂


Once I found this sewing machine I checked out the reviews on it. This is always important when purchasing anything really. Especially if you want 100% satisfaction on the product. Here is what site I used to check out the reviews:

Consumer Search is a great resource to help know what to look for in a sewing machine when purchasing one. I used these tips it offered: How to Buy A Sewing Machine

I hope that these tips and my experiences will help you in purchasing or talk you into buying a sewing machine. Sewing is a great hobby that I have picked up, and I love creating on my machine!