Salmon Cakes

salmon cakes

I really love fish of any kind. Fish is not for everyone, but for those of you who love it; here is a recipe for you. Ever wonder what to do with canned Salmon? I know it’s not the best quality fish to buy. It’s cheap, and you can create it into even better quality. I had never had salmon cakes until my mom came to spend time with us. When my mom comes to visit she does a lot of the cooking. I love when my mom comes. Well thanks to my mom I have another easy, yummy and healthy recipe to share with you.  Salmon cakes are an easy and yummy way to do this. I like to make tomato gravy to go with them. You can pair it with just about any side as well. I like to do some sort of vegetable or salad. Just the other night we had them for dinner and we cooked a spaghetti squash for one of our sides. It was a quick and easy meal.

[yumprint-recipe id=’27’]Gravy can be a hard thing to master. I still don’t consider myself a master at it. Some days I just get lucky. Share with me any tips you have on making gravy. I would love any input.