Relief for those pesky bug bites

bug bites

Its summer time and the mosquitoes and all sorts of bugs are out, and a biting. My kids are seriously covered in bites. My poor baby girl’s skin so tender her bite swell up and almost bruise. Poor girl. I wanted to see if I could find a way to relieve a mosquito bite after you are bit. We can spray and spray that bug spray on, but sometimes the darn buggers like to eat the stuff. It seems to only help temporarily. So there will still be a few bites after a day outside.
Here are a few things that you have lying around the house that you can use to relieve that itchy bite from any insect bite.
1: Use a green tea bag that is damp and refrigerated. Hold it tightly over the top of each bite.
The coldness will help you not itch and the green tea will help it from swelling up.
2: Rub a little bit of honey on the bite. It will help it from getting infected. Honey acts as an antibacterial.
3: Putting a piece of tape over the top of the bite will help you remember not to scratch it. This will help it not the get inflamed or infected.
4: Rubbing a little bit of aloe vera on it will help pull the sting out of the bite. Aloe is also an anti-inflammatory.
5: Use meat tenderizer and water to make a paste. Rub it on top of the sting or bite. The tenderizer has papin in it that breaks down protein in meats. Venom/ stings have protein in them.
6: Baking soda is also a great way. Make it into a paste as well and it will pull all the bad stuff that the bug just put into you.
7: I remember when I was little my mom or grandma told me to make an X on the bite with your fingernails. It always seems to soothe the pain.
Hope these suggestions help you sooth those insect stings and bites this summer season so you can enjoy those camping trips and days outside in the sun!!