Potting Succulents w/ Your Kids


I am sure you all have seen plenty of succulent blog posts lately. I have jumped on the bandwagon. I am loving them just as much as the next person. I have been wanting to buy some for quite a while now. I needed something to put in the kitchen window seal. Walmart has all the plants they have left on sale, so I snagged some finally. I found some great little clay pots at Hobby lobby for a $1 a piece. What a steal right?? I was super excited. I had the paint at home already from other DIY projects, and painters tape as well from painting the interior walls of our house. I also had left over potting soil at my house as well.

** Tip before doing DIY projects**: Check around your house for items you need before going to the store. This always makes it a frugal project as well!

It was the perfect project to involve my little Chloe who is 3. She just as pumped as I was when we bought our succulents. We got to work on them that night after we got home from shopping.

Items needed:



potting soil

acrylic paint

painters tape

paint brushes

paper plates to squirt paint on to use

newspaper to cover your painting area

We taped off some sections of the pots with the painters tape so that the pots could be a couple different colors like this:

succulent painting

Then I let Chloe go to work on painting them. She loves doing projects like this with me. Let your kids be creative and make the craft their own. Have fun with it!

painting succulents

After your paint has dried you can remove the tape and start potting your succulents.

drying succulents