Picking the Perfect Watermelon


Getting the perfect watermelon from the store is so hard to do. I love, love , love having watermelon in the summer. It’s just a great sweet, healthy treat to cool you off in the heat of the summer day. I have never been that great at picking a good watermelon. My husband gets plain lucky when I take him to the store and it’s his turn to pick the watermelon. Yes we take turns picking out watermelons. It’s the luck of the draw I like to say. Then I did some research and there really are some tips to help you pick the perfect watermelon. Use these tips when you head to the store to pick up your watermelon. You wont regret it! You will come home with the perfect watermelon. I promise 🙂

  • Look for a yellow colored spot on the bottom of the watermelon. This means that it sat on the ground in the sun to ripen longer. Don’t pick on with white on the bottom but remember yellowish. 
  • Thump the watermelon with your fingers and if it sounds hollow than it should be a good one.  (as opposed to sounding solid if not ripe).  I have always done this when picking a watermelon out. It might not make a difference but it helps me.
  • Pick on that is a bright green not a dull color.
  • It’s best to choose a watermelon that is all one shape. You don’t want one that has bumps or cuts in it.
  • Pick one that is the heaviest.

If you have any other tricks you use please share in the comment area below!

And once you do get that watermelon home, rinse it under cold water to remove all the dirt from it. You would hate to eat dirt on your watermelon.  To store it be sure it is in a cool dark place. If you have to store it for a few days I would store it in the fridge. Once you cut it I would cover it with plastic wrap or cut it all up and place in a sealed container in the fridge. Now get out there and pick the perfect watermelon and eat it too!!!!