My October Grove Collaborative Box

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Why I love Grove

Have you all tried Grove Collaborative ? I started ordering a subscription box from Grove back in April. I started doing so because it saved me one more trip to the store for my cleaning products. With kids home at that point for Covid school shut downs. I wasn’t going to drag them to the store to grocery shop.

My subscription box is my favorite thing for multiple reasons. I usually schedule my box for every other month. This is one of the reasons why I like Grove. You don’t have to receive a box monthly , and can schedule it for when you need more supplies.

What I got in my box

I also love that these cleaning products that I order through Grove are safe for my children. I never worry about my daughter using these products to help me clean around the house. My kids do have little chores. We all want capable children right? Grove can help you feel more confident in letting them clean the guest bathroom.

Have you ever tried any of the Mrs. Meyer’s products? This new Spiced Pumpkin scented dish soap is the best. It smells amazing for the fall time and cleans your dishes wonderfully. Grove carries lots of Mrs. Meyer’s products from dish soap to hand soap. They have a variety of scents and I am loving all the holiday scents they are releasing as well.

Ladies and Gentlemen these garbage disposal cleaner pods are the best thing that has been invented. They remove odor, loosen up the grime stuck in your disposal, and help prevent it from getting clogged. I use one about every other week, and they work like magic.

We are all trying to keep the germs away especially since the pandemic hit. This antibac bathroom cleaner is another one of my favorites. Method has a lot of great products that I love and order from Grove. When I use this product I feel like it’s cleaning and killing germs. It’s a great product!

This isn’t the first time I have ordered this Method heavy duty degreaser spray. I love this spray. Guys it works great! I use it all over my kitchen, not just the stove. It works great on my stove though to clean off the grease and grime. I love it for my counter tops as well. An other all great product that you are going to want to have.

Okay this is the last product for this month that I’m going to brag about. I have also used this Method shower spray for the last 6 months or so. I spray it in our showers after every shower. Sometimes I forget to do it every but I try my best. I have notice that it helps for the soap scum to not build up. It smells great too. So Method does it again! Another great product.

You’ll love Grove too

I hope if you were on the fence for trying out Grove Collaborative that my thoughts and review on products helped you make the great decision to try them out. I love my Grove box! It always puts a smile on my face when I open the box and when I clean my house with the products!