Monster Cookies



My mom use to make these cookies all the time growing up. They were one of my favorite kind of cookies. Of course because they had m&m’s and chocolate chips in them. I couldn’t find her monster cookie recipe so I used a oatmeal cookie recipe and made it a monster cookie recipe. I made these a Valentines Day cookie also by adding red, pink and white m&ms. This was the first time I had made this recipe by combining two different recipes to make one. I did have a bunch of company over today. They all tested them out, and said they were amazing. They do turn out a little bit of a thinner cookie because they are packed full of ingredients, so be sure not to burn them. You want to them be nice and soft and chewy.

[yumprint-recipe id=’21’]I hope you enjoy these cookies. You can use them for any holiday too. You can get m&ms for every holiday with the holiday colors. If you don’t like dark chocolate chips you can also use milk or any chocolate chip you like. I have also made these with peanut butter chips as well. Eat up!