LipSense All Day Long

**Product provided for my honest review.**

I am in no means a beauty blogger. I don’t even know how to do real smokey eyes. I do know what kind of make-up products I like and don’t like. I have used plenty of Wal-mart make-up aisle lipsticks, lip stains and lip glosses. I have a couple of friends and even a sister who sells LipSense. I was pretty slow to jump on the bandwagon. When I finally did, it still took me a little while to actually get LipSense to work right for me. After using it for a few months I have come to really love it. I no longer have chapped or dry lips. My lips are smooth and soft.

It took some time to figure out how to put the LipSense on correctly. It is not a put on quickly sort of thing. Once I got the hang of putting it on I was able to enjoy my color on my lips all day. It truly is a no-smudge great product if it is applied correctly. When I take the time to apply this product on my lips I love how it feels and looks. If you mess up or just want a different color on for a evening after wearing something neutral for the day time, I recommend just a great makeup remover to take it off. The oops remover works great but so does make up remover wipes or eye make up remover.


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There are millions of different colors to choose from too. It’s fun to play around with different colors and see what you love the most. One of my all time favorites is the Beige Champagne. It is perfect for the everyday wear. I would plan to add more colors to my small collection of colors now. The rumors are true, this LipSense lip color is smudge proof and kiss proof. You are going to love adding it to your makeup list.