LakiKid: Great Autism Sensory Products

Background: Autism

My oldest was diagnosed with Autism just after his 2nd birthday. We had just added another baby to our family, so our life was crazy as could be. We enrolled my son in speech therapy at about 18 months or younger because of the delays we were concerned about. Ian had experienced lots of ear infections and we felt that this had delayed his speech. At the age of one he had a handful of words. He would say mama, dada, go, no, and a few animal sounds. Pretty typical for a 1 year old I thought. Until one day around 18 months or so he completely stopped saying most of those words. He would scream at us when he wanted something. There was a lack of eye contact and not answering when we called him by name. It was heartbreaking to say the least.

We took him into our pediatrician and he suggested we have his hearing check. We did that and he could hear just fine according to the doctor who tested him. It was a poor test though. Ian couldn’t respond back to them when sounds were put over the speakers. It was frustrating honestly. We decided to get a 2nd opinion from another pediatrician in the same office as ours. She said, “has anyone ever told you that your son has Autsim?” I started crying immediately. I knew it was coming but was hoping it wasn’t. A month or so later we had an official diagnosis for Ian.

Ian is currently in public school and 9 years old and striving. He has lots of sensory needs. I am constantly looking for great products to help him meet those needs. That’s when LakiKid contacted me about checking out some of their products. I am excited to share them with you.

The fidget band

These fidget bands for your chair are amazing. My son’s school uses them with him and lots of other kids. They see lots of great things happen because of these bands. Kids are able to sit in their desks and get their work done. I know that my son struggles to sit still in a chair because he doesn’t feel secure or understanding his place in the space he is in is a struggle. This fidget band helps with that. We have it on his chair at the kitchen table. It helps him be able to sit and enjoy a meal with us as a family.

Marble Maze for Fine Motor Skills

We love this little marble maze. It’s the perfect size to take with you anywhere. I can throw it in purse and have a little something to keep my son and my daughter busy. It’s perfect for any kid. There are a lot of benefits to sensory play in a child that has Autism. Fine motor skills is something that is a challenge for my son with Autism. This little maze is a great way for him to improve on those skills.

For more great sensory products check out LakiKid’s website. They have lots of great products to meet all your child’s needs.