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**Kidloland provided this app for free and one giveaway of the app. All the content is my own though.**

My 3 year old is obsessed with playing on the Ipad. It is one of our struggles with her. She would rather be on the Ipad watching Netflix or playing games. We have got to the point where we have to set amount of time each day that she can play on the Ipad or watch a show. In the mornings I try to keep her busy though with other things around the house. We do preschool work books that I scored at Target for $1 a piece. She also has chores that are easy for her to do. I have her do things like water the flowers and feed the dog or cat. She also helps with cleaning bathrooms and folding laundry. When I am getting lunch ready she gets to play one game on the Ipad. I am excited to share with you all about the Kidloland Educational App for Kids.

KidloLand, this app because it is an educational, fun, interactive, and musical app that is great for children ages 1-5 years old. There is a wide ranges of activities and songs within this app. My favorite part about this app is that literacy part of the app. With every song within the app there is a sentence line that is reads off the song lyrics. This is such a great way to build your child’s vocabulary as they grow.

This app has 300 + Rhymes & Educational songs and 220 + Activities & Games. I love that this app doesn’t have any ads that can be clicked one. I hate when you download an app and it’s full of ads that your child can click on. You just never know what kind of ads are going to be there for them to click on either. This is great bonus to this app for me as a mother.

The educational songs are all great to additional education on ABCs, Animals, Shapes, Fruit and Vegetables for your kids. The activites are great to build on your child’s cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination.

My 3 year old loves singing along with all the Nursery Rhymes. Singing is one of her favorite things to do. I love that with the KidloLand App she can sing along and learn as she sings.

You can download the Kidloland App for $39.99 for a year subscription. You won’t regret your subscription. Click on these links or below to download from KidloLand Amazon App Store or Nursery Rhymes for Kids Google Play Store.




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  • Oh wow, this app looks like sooooo much fun! My 16 month old absolutely LOVES music, and I can totally see how seeing the words on the screen would be incredibly beneficial. Definitely going to look into this app a little more, thanks so much for sharing <3

  • What a fun app! My son loves playing games too. Our toddler isn’t big enough to play with apps yet, but she loves watching The Wiggles while I do chores. I try to limit their time on TV and games too.

    • CBAsay

      I think it makes a huge difference in my kids days if I limit their tv screen or ipad time. Thanks for stopping by Samantha.

  • They have the best educational toys for kids these days. I need another grandbaby. Thank you so much for linking at #ThursdayFavoriteThings! I look forward to seeing what you share every week. Please come back for #OverTheMoon on Sunday night. Don’t forget to comment your link #’s so I can be sure to visit and you get a chance to be featured! Pinned and shared.

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  • Arianne Plehandzic

    I have the same kind of day with Anna. She’s recently become obsessed with ‘YouTube Kids’. Thanks for sharing this fun app on SEASONAL BLOG HOP JOY!~*