Keeping Your Fridge Organized & Clean

organized fridge

My fridge lately has been a crazy mess. I will organize it but it doesn’t stay that way for very long. I am also tired of my produce that is supposed to stay fresher in the fridge going bad way too fast. I thought that I would come up with some simple ways to help keep your fridge organized.
1: First things first empty everything out of your fridge.
Throw away anything that has expired or just doesn’t look appetizing anymore.
2: Deep clean that fridge.
Remove all the shelves and drawers and clean them in hot, soapy water.
If there are areas that are extra dirty scrub them with a lemon. Trust me it works!!
3: Next take wax paper and line the shelves and drawers with it. This will help protect them from any spills. Once they get dirty the wax paper is easy to remove and replace.
4: Place all half used vegetables, cheese or butter in Ziploc bags. This will save from messes as well.
5: Use plastic containers to place bottles and condiments. This will help with spills and drips from them as well. These are a great place to put butter or fruits as well. Just about everything in your fridge can go in a plastic container to keep it organized and fresher.
6: Before you go to grocery shopping look in your fridge so you don’t double buy. This will not only keep your fridge more organized and less crowed, you will save money as well.
I hope these 6 steps will help you with your messy fridge. Also help you feel more organized and save money on fresh food!