IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield

Intellident product review

**Disclosure: This IntelliDent product was sent to me for free in exchange for a review. All the content is my own.**
Are you going on a exciting summer vacation as a family? Do you travel a lot for work? Do you own a toothbrush? Do you want to stay healthy and have a germ free toothbrush? Those questions should pretty close cover us all right?? You have come to the right place if you can answer yes to any of these questions. I a little while back I was sent this product from IntelliDent. 
I had never heard of this disposable Toothbrush Shield in my life, but was excited to try it out. I have put these shields to the test! I have not been a big family summer vacation yet this year, but I do own a toothbrush. I also would like to keep it clean and bacteria free!
These Toothbrush Shields  are a mask for your toothbrush that help keep your toothbrush dry and clean. These shields have been tested in a lab, and were proven to be 99.9 % effective in being a barrier against airborne and surface bacteria. I think  that is pretty darn good. With out a shield you are risking your toothbrush being covered in bacteria. That thing goes in your mouth, and all over it at least 2 times a day! Gross right?? I think these shields are genius and everyone should be aware of them.
These are a great substitute for those plastic holders. Those can trap bacteria inside them without even knowing it!
The best part is these disposable shields are proven to be effective for up to 7 days.
I am loving my IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield. I feel comfort in them, knowing that my toothbrush is being protected from bacteria.
Also, these shields are so simple to use. All you have to do is peel the package open, slide your toothbrush in the little pocket, and there you have it your toothbrush is protected!




You can purchase these Toothbrush Shields at any local Walgreens or on Amazon.