Happy & Healthy- Guest Post

7 Ways to Remain Happy and Healthy Despite Your Busy Lifestyle


Upbeat, ferociously busy, modern lifestyles often leave little time for us to invest in our health, especially if one is a hardworking mom with 24/7 duties! This kind of lifestyle does not usually lead to an idyllic picture of happiness. Stress and not putting enough into yourself eventually catches up.

The good news is that even while maintaining a busy lifestyle, small healthier tweaks to it can make all the difference. Resources like Garage gym planner can give you a lot of tips on healthy living. Have a look at these seven ways you can remain happier and healthier, despite being a busy super hero and living your life to the max.


1| Switch to Organic Food


This tip is potentially life changing. Without needing to change what vegetables or fruits you eat, switching to organic food will boost the moods, well-beings and energy levels of yourself and your family, if you can get it right. It may take some time to source organic food; it may be easier for you to order a crate per week than shopping for it in the store. What ever your shopping method, investing in a rainbow variety of organic fruits and vegetables is a must for a healthy lifestyle.



Less chemicals inside our bodies makes it far easier for us to absorb nutrition, gives us more nutrition to absorb (organic produce tends to contain more nutrients) and results in less bone or tummy aches and pains. Pesticides and other chemical substances reduce mental clarity and physical energy. Click the link for more information on Organic Food and what you need to know about it.


2| Exercise


We all know exercise is good for us. Extra oxygen, improved blood flow, endorphins for great moods, improved focus, better digestion and much more. Fitting exercise into your routine can be difficult however. The trick is to understand that you need to do it on a daily basis, no matter how little you do. Many studies show that it’s not so much about how much exercise you do when you do it, but more about consistent exercise. Even a 10minutes jog or a 15 minute stretch routine before you start your day can do the trick. They say exercise before you begin the day is healthier and easier to maintain, also giving you the best energy levels for enjoying your day.



3| Meditation


Meditation is something that’s little understood by many people. In this context, any activity that stills your mind and gets you focused in a relaxed and enjoyable manner can count as meditation; such as art, music, singing, sitting in nature, praying or sitting and focusing on your breathing with breathing exercises. Even just 5minutes at any time of the day can help you manage your stress and improve your concentration span. Read about many more benefits of meditation in this link, which also includes a neat infographic to sum it up.



4| Water Bottle


This fourth way for staying healthier is not wagging its finger at you and pointing out that you need to drink your 2litres of water a day or you will whither away. This way is saying that you need to always have your water bottle on hand and filled up with water at all times; much like a hitchhiker should never be without their trusty towel! (read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). The chances are you will be inclined to take sips whenever you are thirsty and after a while of getting used to feeling hydrated, you won’t feel right without having water. After all, we need water to function. No need fear if your water bottle is near!



5| Institute a Cut Off Time to Sleep


If a busy lifestyle for you means that you work all round the clock, even while you should be asleep, you need to then take a stand for yourself. Set a light out time for yourself and indulge in sleep. If you battle to sleep, you should understand that even laying in bed and resting will help you to conserve more energy and feel better the next day. If we don’t rest ourselves, we can’t regenerate or feel good.



6| Make Plans to Eat Breakfast


Another quick tweak to make for healthy living is simply eating breakfast. For all the coffee addicts out there, substituting one of those joes for real food will give you energy for most of the day and prevent you from shaking due to unstable blood sugar levels (sound like anyone you know?). If you struggle to focus on food, pre-plan your weeks meals for convenience. Healthy granola, defrosted smoothies, fruit salads or porridge are all great ways to start the day that can be pre-planned for. Make sure you carry with you organic fruit, nuts and berries for healthy snacks throughout the day too!



7| Chew Your Food


This may sound ridiculous, but if you battle to chew your food, you probably suffer from very painful tummy occurrences on a continuous basis. Chewing your food properly is the first part of digestion and your saliva is actually a very much needed breaking down agent. Your stomach can’t do everything! As a result, some food can move through your tummy without being fully digested, hurting and sucking up all your energy. Other risks associated with not chewing one’s food properly can be found here for further reading. If chewing hurts your teeth, cut down on sugar, invest in natural toothpaste and consider natural fillings.