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** This is a Sponsored post for Groupon. All the opinions are my own.**

Do you love to shop? Do you love to shop with coupons? How about shopping with Groupon Coupons?? Well do I have a treat for you. You can find coupons with Groupon online to save time of waiting for those Sears, Kohls, and even Pet Smart coupons to come in the mail. It’s amazing how many stores you can find Groupon Coupons for on Groupon. You simply just have to shop Groupon Coupons before you take a shopping trip to find all your great coupons. Or you can even pull up Groupon Coupons on your mobile device in the store. How great is that???

Here is how Groupon Coupons work:

You have your grocery list made and it’s a big list because you haven’t been to Walmart for a while to buy groceries. You sit and think how can I save money buying all these groceries without breaking my bank?? Groupon Coupons will come to your rescue.

Before making your trip to Walmart jump online and go to , click on the Coupon tab at the top of the 1st page. Then select all stores. This will give you the option to search for the store you need Groupon Coupons for. Look for Walmart and click on it. Groupon currently has 72 coupons available for Walmart. Click on the coupon you want and it will take you to Coupons. From here you can clip what coupons you want. Then click on the print coupons. It will ask you to download the printer plugin. Then you are set to print out all your coupons. You can also download the Walmart app on your phone to have access to these coupons as well. If you never want to miss a Walmart coupon offer again Groupon Coupons has a place to sign up to never miss them by simply entering your email address on the Groupon Coupons for Walmart page.

Don’t ever leave the house empty handed when going shopping. You can save so much money by hitting up Groupon Coupons first! Now enjoy saving money shopping!

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