How To Have A Great First Day Of School

How to Have a Smooth 1st Day Of School This Year

The first day of school can be full of emotions for both your kids and as parents. The emotions of fear, excitement, anxiety, more excitement and pure joy could be running through us all on the first day of school. Last year I sent my oldest to Kindergarten, and no one tole me how hard that would be. As many of you know who read my blog, my oldest has sever Autism and is non-verbal. I was full of excitement for him for how much school would help him. Then again sad to have my baby gone all day and not be with him all day. I of course bawled my eyes out when I dropped him off. When that first week went amazing for him I was full of even more excitement. It was a great year, and of course give all credit to the amazing people who are his teachers and aids.  These emotions of course were just all my emotions. I can’t imagine what my son was going through though.

With school starting up soon I wanted to provide you all with some great tips and resources to make this year amazing. We all want the first day to go well for each of our kids. We want them to enjoy and love going to school. Going to school is a majority of your life growing up, so you gotta get use to it. Not every morning is going to go as planned when you are trying to get out the door. We hope we don’t have too many hurry, rush and hustle mornings.

I have teamed up with Groza Learning Center for this post. They are a Boutique learning center located in Pacific Palisades, CA, specializing in Tutoring, Test Prep, Reading and Homeschooling. They have a great motto that is: “We believe students can enjoy learning! It is our priority to uphold the highest academic standards while meeting each student’s individual needs.” This is a great motto for all schools and homes where your children learn. Every child can learn and their educational needs can and should be met. We all learn at different levels and paces. Groza Learning Center also gives away a scholarship to all students who continue their education after high school. If you have a child or you yourself are continuing your education be sure to check this education fund out.

Okay now on to my tips for making this school year an successful one!

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1: Start preparing at least a week in advance

Yes, that means bed times and wake up times. This is the only way you are not going to miss that alarm clock on the first day of school. You could start a couple of days before school starts, but to get in the habit a week before is best. Alarm clocks go out the window at my house in the summer time. My kids stay up late and sleep in. The more you can get your kids use to the schedule or school bedtimes and wake up times the easier that first big day will be.

2: Prep The Night Before

The night before the first day is always a little crazy. Your kids might not be able to fall asleep very fast because of their emotions running. They might need a little reassurance that it’s all going to go well.

Also this is the night that you do everything possible to make the next morning run smoothly. Have your kids set out their clothes, prep breakfast, make sure your car has gas in it if you drive them in, set alarms, have lunches prepped and ready to go. If you have that all ready to go the night before you will have less to do in the morning before school.

3: Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

I try to wake up at least an hour to 30 minutes before I get the kids up. That way if I need any last minute prep that didn’t get done the night before I can get it ready. I also try to have myself completely ready for the day before the kids get up too.  I have the privilege of staying home with my kids and so I don’t have to rush off to work after I drop them off. I do however like to be ready for the day because it gives me more time during my day as well if I do.

Also giving your kids plenty of time to eat their breakfast, shower and whatever else they need to do each morning. Some mornings my kids will drag with eating breakfast. I try to schedule that in.

4: Eating a Healthy Breakfast

It is so important to feed those kiddos a good healthy breakfast before they go to school. They work hard at school and they need a good start to their day. I like to make a double batch of waffles or breakfast burritos in advance. This makes for a super quick warm up in the morning so they can eat it a timely manner.

5: Don’t forget those first day pictures

You can’t forget those first day of school pictures. It’s so fun to look back on the first day to the last day of school pictures. Kids change so fast!!