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I have learned a lot about Food Blogger Photography just by my own research. Of course I am not an expert but I have some great tips to help you all along your way to great food photos for your blogs. I have been blogging for a little over 3 year, and I consider myself a newbie still because I am still learning. What very important thing about taking food photos or any photo is good natural lighting. I don’t own expensive lights and back drops that other amazing studio photographers have. I would love to some day purchase a small light, and back drops for  photography. For now I use things I already have at home. Lighting:  If you want amazing, beautiful food photos natural lighting is key. I have a lot of big windows in my house. This works to my advantage when taking my photos for my blog. Always take you photos next to a window and that natural light will do great things for your photos. I haven’t always done with but turn off all near by over head lights or lamps because you want all the natural light you can get. I have learned over time that this is key those florescent lights need to be turned off! A white background will work perfect to reflect that natural light on to the food or object you are taking photos of. I will either prop up a white poster board or something simple like a white sheet. This is reflecting all the natural light onto your food. With this white back drop you can bounce the light back on your food. If you only have lighting coming from one direction it casts shadows on your object you are taking photos of. cream cheese chicken pasta #4 Smartphones:  You can still have great photos without a expensive camera. I use my smartphone and it works great. Of course you still need that good natural light and be sure to turn off your flash. One thing that I have found is it helps to stand up over my food I am taking photos of. This works great for capturing all that natural light you need for amazing photos. Once again be sure you don’t have shadows casting on your object you are taking photo of. There are so many different photo apps that you can load on your phone to help you edit great photos. Light is a company that created a camera the size of your phone that fits in your pocket perfectly. That is really one reason why I don’t have a big expensive camera. It’s hard to carry it around with me everywhere. With my phone I have it with me all the time. It’s light and I have it with me all the time anyways. This camera that Light created has 52 mega pixels, 5x optical zoom, and great lighting for pictures at night. Sometimes I make our food for dinner. When I want to take photos of it I have no natural light coming in my house. This camera provides 10x more light then your smartphone does. If you are looking for a camera that is easy access and small to carry around this is your way to go.

Props:  You don’t have to pay lots of money for props. You can make your own back drops with poster boards, dish towels or fabric. I use my wood cutting board a lot of the time for my back drop to set my food on to take photos of. You can purchase marble slabs from different counter top companies or Home Depot for cheap. These make great back drops. Brown Parchment paper works amazing with food photos. Crinkle it up and it makes for a fun back drop. Cloth napkins and towels work great for back drops as well. I have purchased some fun patterned plates, bowls and utensils to put in my photos as well. I always look at the clearance shelves at Target, Walmart or Ross for these. photo props The most important tips for food bloggers photography is great natural light. With good natural light you will never go wrong. You don’t have to spend lots of money to take great photos. You an simply use your smart phone to get great photos. You can make your own back drops or light boxes. Pinterest has lots of great ideas for DIY Photography Light Boxes that help capture lots of light on your photos. I am going to be making one for myself in the near future for sure. I hope that I have help just a little with some food blogger photo tips. The main thing I hope that readers remember is great natural light makes beautiful pictures! beef instant pot #2