Earthmops Absorbing Sponges

Earthmop sponges

I have another great Earthmop product to share with you all. I am loving these great microfiber sponges. They work amazing all over your house as well as to clean your cars. I recently used my Earthmop sponges to clean the inside of my car. I live on a long gravel road and so if you can imagine there is lots of dust where we live. My car never stays that clean because of this reason. However, I would never trade living in the country to living in the city.
With these sponges because they are microfiber you don’t have to use any product to clean with them. You can simply just use water. With just a little water and these great sponges my car dash is free of dust. I also cleaned the inside of my windows on my car. I love how these microfiber sponges didn’t leave a single smear or smug on them.
The difference between Earthmops sponges and other sponges is that other sponges are filled with foam rather then microfiber. Earthmops microfiber sponges are great for washing and interior detailing for cars because they are soft rather then the scratchy foam.
The best part when you order from Amazon your package will come with two great Earthmop sponges. You can use one for your kitchen scrubbing and one for your cars. How great is that?? Earthmops Amazing Absorbing Microfiber Sponges can be used for any cleaning project you have. They are that strong!
These sponges can be tossed in the washing machine with your other towels,and be used over and over again.
One last perk to these sponges is that they can absorb and hold 12oz glass of fluid!
Saving money while keeping things squeaky clean is always fun with Earthmop!


You can purchase Earthmops Absorbing Sponges from Amazon or directly from Earthmops site.