Earthmop Wraps & The Swiffer

Earthmop wraps

Do you all remember my friend Jessica with the Broom Huggie review I did this summer? Jessica has yet another money saving product for all homes. The Earthmop Wraps¬†are a great way to save money on your cleaning products for your floors. These wraps are a reusable Swiffer refills. They can be washed at least 1,550 times before replacing them. They are a washable, microfiber material wrap that fits that Swiffer mop in your broom closet. I bought my Swiffer mop almost 4 years ago, and I love just how easy it is the clean my floors in my home with it. It does come with it’s costs though.

Jessica was kind enough to send me a Earthmop wrap when she shipped my Broom Huggie I purchased from her. I have used the wrap. I was amazed that it worked just like the Swiffer refills do. I love that you can save so much more money on the Earthmop wraps though.

The first time I used it I just used water to do some spot cleaning on my kitchen floor. My results were great! It cleaned the dirty spots on my floor right up, just with water. I have also used the wrap by soaking it with water and a simple floor cleaner. It worked perfectly as well.



Here is a breakdown of cost right from the Earthmop website:



I love just how great these Earthmop wraps work. They save me money and I love how I can just toss them in the wash when I am done. They come out clean and ready to use again. The wraps are also great for wiping down counters and the kitchen table as well. The Earthmop Wraps can be purchased on Amazon for an great price of $14.99 for a set of 3.


earth mop wraps