Earthmop Wetjet Swiffer Refills

Swiffer Wetjet Refills

 I have yet another great Earthmop product to share with you all. My friend Jessica, that I came into contact through Twitter is the creator of the Earthmop products. I have had the privilege to try out all their products. I high recommend the Earthmop products. They are a great product to save some bucks when purchasing your cleaning products for your home. I have reviews on the blog about Earthmops Broom Huggie & Earthmop Wraps that are also great products.

Earthmop Wetjet Swiffer Refills is my new love from Earthmop. I recently got a Wetjet Swiffer mop. I love how it works and cleans. The only down fall of any Swiffer mop is the costly refills. I have tried purchasing the off brand of the refills and they just don’t work as well. All the washable reusable refills that Earthmop sells are great for efficient and money spent well products.

I love how easy the microfiber refills from Earthmop attaches easily to the Swiffer Wetjet Mop. It stays attached to the mop also. I hate when the Swiffer refills come un-attached from the mop so easily.

Also how great is it that when you finish cleaning your floors you can toss the refill in the washer with the rest of your laundry. They wash up really well, and are ready to use again.

These refills also make great dusters or wash rags as well. They are a multipurpose product!

All of Earthmop’s products are a great way to tackle all of your Spring Cleaning that needs to be done. They all make your Spring Cleaning easily and cost efficient!


 Here are my before mopping with the Wetjet refill and after mopping my entire kitchen floor. They do a great job at picking up the dirt!

wetjet refill before & after


 You can purchase Earthmop Wetjet Swiffer Refills on Amazon.