DIY Wooden Bead Fall Wreath

Easy To Make For all Crafting Levels. Perfect To Display For All Seasons.

I don’t know if any of you follow Lolly Jane.? They are one of my favorite crafting/diy bloggers. The blog is ran by twin sisters and they have just that cutest things they post about. Everything from holiday crafts to diy home projects. They are just the cutest! If you are not following them yet you should be.

I found their tutorial on this fun bead floral wreath and I had to make one. I have been meaning to update my fall wreath on my front door for sometime now. This was the perfect update.

My sister Brandy and I actually did a Skype & Craft together to make these wreaths. It has been too long since we have crafted together. If you enjoy crafting and have a family member, or friend that lives far away that enjoys it too, you need to do this. Pick a craft together and Skype while you make your craft together. It’s a blast!

Things you will need:

I bought both my wooden beads and wreath ring on Amazon.

1st Step:

You will need to cut your metal ring with wire cutters before you can attach your wooden beads on your ring. Once your beads are all on your ring you will use duck take to attach the two ends back together.

Once you have it cut you can put as many beads as you would like on your ring. I ended up putting 29 beads on the ring. Then I went ahead and hot glued each bead to each other so it was more solid.

2nd Step:

Now it is time to arrange your flowers and leaves the way you want them. I just attached them with hot glue to start out with. Once I had them all arranged how I wanted I used the floral wire. I wired the flowers to each other and to the ring to make it more stable. It is always a good idea to give your wreath a good shake after it’s done to make sure things don’t come flying off of it.

After my flowers were securely attached to my ring I made a bow for it. I used wired ribbon. I like this kind of ribbon because it is easier to form. You can use your wire and hot glue to attach it to the wreath.