DIY: Wash Cloth Bibs

diy wash cloth bibs

Before I had my sweet Chloe baby I decided I needed to learn how to sew again. When I was younger my grandma taught me how to sew. I could literally sew if she was by my side helping me. It was time to teach myself how to do it again. I did, well I did small little projects. Like making these bibs. I used them fore baby shower gifts, gave them to grandma’s for the grand kids and made a bunch for my own babies. My little sister is about to have her 2nd baby boy. I am so excited for her. She has a two year old who is just busier and more fun then ever. Now she is going to have a new baby who will add so much more excitement to her house of boys already. I just can’t wait to meet him in just a short few weeks. I made her oldest some bibs just before he was born, and this new baby is getting some too.

These bibs are so much better than those ones you can buy. They cover their entire shirt, so no messes to clean up. They are more absorbent as well. Also I love how styling they are. If you are just learning to sew or just getting back into it, this is a great project to start out with. Plus you can share them with so many people. They are not only easy to make, but very inexpensive as well. Now lets get sewing!

What you will need:

1 wash cloth

1 piece of scrap material for accent on bib

2 strips of ribbon that are about 30 inches long a piece

sewing machine





1: Cut out your ribbon and scrap material. I cut the scrap material to a perfect square, but double it. Don’t make it too big because it’s just to add some pattern to the bib. The ribbons to tie your bib on should each be at least 30 inches long.



2: Pin your ribbons on about 2 inches in on the top of the wash rag. ( just pick which side you want to be the top.) The pin them about 1/2 inch in on the top of the cloth. Also pin on the square of material evenly in the middle top of the cloth.


3: Sew the ribbons on. I do a zig zag stitch also sewing to lines to make sure it is attached well.






4: Now attach the accent material to the wash cloth.