DIY: Trick or Treat Bags

trick or treat bags

Remember that super cute double sided table runner my sister and I made during Skype & Craft?? Well I had lots of fabric left from that. I decided that I would use some of it to make trick or treat bags for the kids. They were super easy and I whip them both out in an evening while my husband was out on vet calls.
I remember growing up my siblings and I always had those silly plastic pumpkins to trick or treat with. They would seriously fill up after a block of houses. I decided even though my kids are small I was going to make their bags bigger because they eventually going to be big kids. This way they can grow with the bags. Fun huh?? I am super excited to have them use them here in a couple weeks.

You will need:
34×15 inches outside fabric
34 x 15 inches inside fabric
Bias tape (optional)
Left over of both material for handles
Sewing machine

1st: Fold the fabrics hamburger style and pin them wrong sides together.

2nd: Sew both the sides together. You shouldn’t have to sew the bottom of the bag at all because you folded the fabric in half.

3rd: Turn the fabric right side out. You should have the inside and outside fabric facing right side out now.

4th: You can either sew a bias tape around the top of the bag or fold the top over and pin it, then sew it. I sewed bias tape on my. I thought it made it look a little nicer.

5th: Take scrap material from each fabric. Measure out 15x 1 inch of each and cut it out. Sew the two fabrics for two handles wrong sides together.

6th: Now turn the handles right side out, and sew the open ends to the inside of the bag. I sewed them just below the bias tape. I went over them a few times to be sure they were attached well.

There you have it! An easy 6 step DIY super cute/easy trick or treat bags for your kids. Happy Halloween!!


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