DIY: Simple & Quick Spring Decor

Spring is in full mode around my neck of the woods. We have had everything kind of weather. We have had wind, rain, snow and sunshine. Welcome to Spring time in Wyoming. The weather just can’t make up it’s mind around here. I have enjoyed the last few days of sunshine and the warm weather. A few weeks ago I made this cute little paper pinwheels. I hadn’t planned on using them for Spring decor. I made them for a church fundraiser. They were a great touch to our table center pieces. When I brought them home, I thought why not use them to decorate my house for Spring. I didn’t know what I would of done with them otherwise. They turned out super cute and give my house a pop of spring colors. I have placed them on my kitchen table, my computer desk and entertainment center.

I have made these cute and simple pinwheels before. I like to follow Ava’s Alphabets tutorial on making them. Christina has a great tutorial that is easy to follow. You will only need a few supplies to create these cute things too. If you are lucky you already have these things laying around your house. The only thing different that I used that Christina did not was brads instead of straight pins. These are used for the center of your pinwheels. Oh and I used small wooden dowels for my sticks instead of straws. Either works great!

Another great tutorial for these paper pinwheels is Kids use the brads and the hole puncher like I did in these particular pinwheels.



an assortment of brads

scissors or paper cutter

scrap book paper


little wooden dowels or colorful paper straws

hole puncher

hot glue gun and glue sticks



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  1. You will first cut your paper into large, medium or small sized squares.
  2. Cut diagonal lines from each corner of your squares. Of course don’t cut all the way to the center.
  3. Hole punch every second corner of the paper, and the center of the paper.
  4. Now fold the corners with the punched holes into the center of the paper. Attach all the together with a brad or straight pin.
  5. Glue the wooden dowel or straw to the back of the pinwheel.


These are the perfect decor for Spring into Summer! I hope that you will enjoy your pinwheels as much as I do!