DIY: Silk Wild Rags

Silk Wild Rags

 Over a year ago my friend Angela made my husband a super nice wild rag. He loved his so much he wanted me to learn how to make them as well. I text my friend and asked her what I needed to make them and got started. I now have made one for all of my brother in-laws, father in law and my husbands grandpa. Of course I have gotten better with each one I have made, but they are great, and not that hard to learn to make. I find my silk fabrics at Joann’s. You have to look closely to find the right ones, and go back often to see if they have new patterns. They don’t have a lot of selection of the silk, but once in a while I find some great ones. I am sure you could order them online as well. I haven’t done this yet, but let me know if you find the jack pot on silks.



42 inches x 42 inches of silk fabric

fray check

You need to order or buy a Narrow Rolled Hem Foot for your sewing Machine

I have a Brother machine and mine fits this foot.


Sewing Machine & thread


1: Buy your fabric

2: Take your fabric, lay it out on the floor flat and fold it into a perfect 90 degree triangle. Cut the extra fabric off.


3: Take fray check and put it along all 4 edges of the fabric to help it to not fray while you sew it. This helps so that the the fabric doesn’t get pulled into your machine. You can purchase fray here.

 4: Once your Fray check has dried you are ready to start sewing. Put your hemming foot on your sewing machine.


 5: Before I begin to stitch, I like to tack a few stitches at the edge and leave long thread tails. This will make starting easy and smooth.  Place fabric under presser foot and feed fabric into twisted scroll.  Lower foot.

 6: Pull the thread tails from behind with your left hand and slowly begin to sew. Continue stitching to edge, gently guiding the fabric with your right hand; leaving a long thread tail. Sew all 4 sides and once your done cut off all the hanging threads. Now you have yourself a Cowboy/Cowgirl Silk Wild Rag! Buckaroo!