Quick & Cheap Easter Decoration

DIY quick & cheap Easter decor

I have realized since we lived the student life for almost all our marriage, I don’t have very many decorations. I have decided that since my husband finished Vet school last May I was going to decorate better. I truly do love decorating my house and enjoy nice things. I just have never really had money as a student, or didn’t really care before having kids, and becoming a stay at home mom. I was trying to come up with a cute little decoration for Easter to put on the desk we have in the corner of our living room. Yes, we have our desk in the living room. We live in a really small house, but it’s a house and we love it! I was at Hobby Lobby just yesterday looking for something cheap and cute to decorate with. I found this super cute little wicker basket and the Easter grass. I already had the eggs, ribbon and twine at home. I think it turned out super cute. What do you think? What are some of your cheap and quick ideas to decorate with for the Easter/Spring Holidays. Share your comments below in the comment area. I am loving my basket full of eggs, and hope you enjoy making yours!


Basket @ Hobby Lobby was 50% off, so I got it for $2.49

Easter Grass @ Hobby Lobby was 40% off, so I got it for $1.19

Plastic Eggs I had from last year. You can find them at the dollar store for just $1

Ribbon was all 50% off @ Hobby Lobby. I got 3 different ribbons for $1.49 a piece

Twine I had already, but you can purchase it from Hobby Lobby for cheap as well

Total Cost: $10


Most of you I bet already have all these items lying around your house, so it’s a cheap/free project! P.S All of Hobby Lobby’s Easter stuff is 40% off for all of you that go there often. Which I go there way to often. The checker yesterday talks to me like we are good friends. Maybe because I go there a couple times a month. 🙂

The eggs are super easy to do. All you need is some hot glue. I start in the middle of the egg and wrap slowly and tight. I wrapped it up one side of the egg, then cut the end of the twine and started in the middle again. Wrapping it tight and slowly around the other end.

You can glue some cute ribbon around the eggs or just leave them plain as well. They are cute either way. Place your Easter grass in the basket and lay the eggs on top.



Now you have a super cute, easy and cheap Easter Decor! Enjoy!!

Tip: These would make a super cute center piece for the Easter Dinner table this year. You could get smaller baskets or just use a little Easter grass and the eggs.



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