DIY Pom Pom Valentine’s Wreath

DIY Pom Pom Valentine's Wreath

Are you one of those that loves wreaths? You need one for every holiday to make your front door super cute?? I am one of those girls. I have tried to tone it down a bit, but I still have that crave to make one for every holiday. We have a moved a few times in the almost 9 years of marriage and it’s gotten so hard to move it all. I have down sized my wreath collection and making a little bit. I just couldn’t help it with this wreath though. I don’t really have a whole lot of Valentine’s decorations and this wreath is just adorable. I love how easy and simple it was to make too. All you need is a few supplies and it won’t cost you much to make. You can get creative while making it as well. My sister and I do a skype & craft once in a while and this was one we did. We both had different ways of doing this wreath. She bought one of those heart shaped wire forms for wreaths and glued her pom poms to it. I found in the Valentine’s section of Hobby Lobby a Styrofoam heart shaped wreath and glued my pom poms to it. If you have a heart shaped wreath already lying around your house and it needs some more character. Pom Pom’s are the way to do that. Supplies   3-4 different kind of yarn small square size of cardboard scissors hot glue wreath heart shaped wire form or Styrofoam wreath shaped like a heart- You can find them at Hobby Lobby Valentine's Wreath Steps Make your own #Valentine's Pom Pom Wreath! #diy Click To Tweet I did 4 pom poms of each color of yarn that I bought. To start your pom pom’s : take your piece of cardboard and tie the end of your yarn to the cardboard. Then start wrapping it around. I didn’t really count how many times I wrapped it around but do it a lot. If you want big pom pom’s wrap it around lots and lots. If you want small pom pom’s wrap it around not as many. Next step: Tie the end off so that the wrapping stays together. Now you will need to slip the yard off the cardboard.Be careful not to un-wrap the yarn when taking it off. Take a small piece of year and tie it in the middle of the wrapped yarn. It will look like a bow. Last step of the pom pom’s: Take your scissors and loop them through the ends of your yarn bows. Cut the yarn then fluff the yarn to have your pom pom’s. Now you can glue them all on your wreath form. I alternated the colors of pom pom’s. If your wreath doesn’t already have a ribbon to hang it you will need one. My Styrofoam wreath did have a ribbon already attached it. Hobby Lobby has great Valentine’s ribbon for the holiday that will pair perfect with your wreath. I am loving my DIY Valentine’s Pom Pom Wreath on my door! Happy Valentine’s to you all! 20170202_162231