DIY: Bath Paint

DIY Bath Paint

Is bath time a huge chore for you as a parent or is it relax time. For me it can be both. It just depends how late at night I am trying to give my kids a bath. Sometimes I am just in a rush to get them bathed and in bed because it’s getting late. Other times I let them play for a long time ( like until they look like prunes;) and they love this. Bath time can be a great bonding time between siblings and parents and children. My two year old and 4 year old still take baths together. It’s seriously so much easier. I am going to bathe one might as well bathe both of them. When my little boy was about two I made this great bath tub paint. You can buy it, but it’s so much easier to make it and cheaper. My kids could play for hours in the tub with this paint. If anything it will give you a good break for a little while. I put mine in these glass jars to store them, but I always put it in a ice cube tray when I give it to my kids to paint with.

What you need:

baby tear free wash ( clear or yellow works too)


food color

small containers

I put 1/2 cup of baby soap in each jar. Then added 2 small tablespoons of cornstarch to each jar as well. Mix each jar full very well. Make sure the bottom of the jar is all mixed up as well. Next add a couple of squirts of food coloring of choice to each jar and mix it up. Now you have homemade bath paint that will entertain your kiddos for hours. Don’t forget to put a little bit of bath paint in a ice cube tray when you give it to your kids to paint with. You can either give them paint brushes or they can just use their fingers. I like to give them paint bushes to prevent them eating the paint. I am sure it wont hurt them, but it can’t taste good. Enjoy!

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  • Deanna Hershberger

    Bath Time is the same for me too. My 4 year old has fun when she decides she wants to. Until it’s time to wash her hear and then WWIII starts! Bath paint is always a win, though!

    Thanks for sharing with Everything Kids! We love your posts!

  • My girls are going to love this! Thanks for sharing! Shared on my FB page! XO

    • CBAsay

      Thanks so much for sharing on your FB page. I hope they love it!

  • This is such an easy DIY activity! My daughter would love to have these paints in the bath!

    • CBAsay

      Super easy Carly. I hope you daughter loves it! My 2 and 4 year old really love it. Make bath time even more fun then before.

  • Looks like fun!!! Thank you.

    • CBAsay

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy this paint recipe.

  • Simple and I have everything on hand!

    • CBAsay

      I hope your kids enjoy it! Thats why I love this recipe. I usually always have everything on hand!

      • CBAsay

        I hope your kids love it. Come visit Thinking Outside The Pot again! Have a great weekend!

  • What a fun idea! My daughter loves painting and bath time, so I bet she’d LOVE to paint in the bath! 🙂

    • CBAsay

      I hope your daughter loves bath time even more now that she can paint 🙂

  • Great idea! Corn allergies are in my fan, but hopefully potato starch would work!

    • CBAsay

      Oh I am sure it will. Good luck, and let me know if it does. I would like to know because I am sure you aren’t the only one who has kiddos with corn allergies!

  • I love this idea! I was just thinking the other day that my son would love some other things to do during his bathtime. Thanks for the recipe!!

    • CBAsay

      I hope your son loves this paint. It so easy and quick too. Hope you can visit Thinking Outside the Pot again!

  • Great idea – my kids would like this!

    • CBAsay

      I sure hope they enjoy the paint. Have a wonderful weekend!