DIY: 30 minute Beach Towel Bag

DIY Beach towel bag

Summer is in full spring now. That means lots of trips to the beach, water parks, lunch dates at the park and swimming lessons. I am constantly struggling with finding a big enough bag to fit all out stuff when we go places like the pool or park to play. I usually end up taking multiple bags including my purse. When I arrive places with my two kiddos it looks like we are going on vacation for a week. I came up with a perfect solution to my problem. I could make a XL bag with a beach towel. Even better the only thing I would have to purchase was the straps. I have so many beach towels on hand. I thought what the heck I will re-purpose one into a bag. I found my straps at Hobby Lobby. They ended up only being a little over $2 with a coupon. So wahoo for a cheap sewing project. I hope this bag makes many pool side trips with my family as well as yours. Now go soak up that sun!

What you need:

A old or new beach towel

84 inches of cotton webbing straps

sewing machine

measuring tape




1st step: Fold your towel hamburger style inside out.


2nd step: Sew along the bottom and open side. I did a zig zag stitch. I feel like it holds better.


3rd step: Turn your towel right side out. Cut your 84 inch cotton webbing strap in half so 42 inches. If you want shorter your can do so. I wanted mine to fit across my body.


4th step: Pin your straps at 6 inches towards the middle of the bag. Pin them about 2 inches into the bag. If you want the straps shorter measure to do so.


5th step: Sew the straps on. I sewed 3 zig zag stitches.


Now you have yourself a super cute, large beach bag to enjoy all summer long.


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