Cute Valentine’s Day Burlap Banner

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I am so happy that my sister and I got to Skype & Craft again. It’s been a while since we have gotten to do so. It’s been busy with the holidays of course, but she just got to move into a bigger place. It’s been crazy with her moving, but we are back at it. With Valentine’s day approaching it’s time to start decorating for yet another holiday. I decided that I needed to use some of those great material scraps that I have millions of for this project. This will be a quick and easy Valentine decor that can be done in just one nap time. Banners are great for fire place  mantels or if you don’t have one they are cute on the wall or above your curtain is where I put mine.  So you don’t have to have a fire place mantel to make this cute banner. It will look great anywhere. So please everyone join in on the crafting! 🙂

Here is my cute sister!

You will need:

Pink, Purple or red fabric for hearts

1 yard of burlap


sewing machine

red or pink thread




1st: You need to pick out your fabric you will use for your hearts. Brandy used all Valentine themed fabric. I dug out all my pink, red and purple scrap fabric from my craft box. You will need enough fabric for 10 hearts. Cut your hearts out using the template provided.( Right click the picture to save to your computer & print) You can use either size heart for each piece. Cut the heart out and place on fabric as a pattern.

heart template
heart template

2: You need to cut out the banner pieces now. You will need burlap. I bought about 1 yard of burlap. You will have left overs of course, but it will be great for another project later right?? 🙂

Use the template to cut the banner pieces out like you did the hearts. You can also make your own template if these are not what you are wanting. A template will help you to have everything uniform though.


3: Fold each triangle burlap over about 1/2 inch and sew so that the twine can be strung through to hang your banner. I used red thread to add a fun red to the top of the triangle.


4: Pin one heart to each triangle. Sew the heart on to the burlap. Sew along the outside of the heart.


5th: Now either tie or tape the twine to the end of a pencil and thread it through the top of each triangle. Then you have yourself a super cute burlap banner for Valentine’s Day!