Crockpot Apple Cider

Crock Pot Apple Cider

I am so excited to be guest posting on My Wife Styles for Clarissa. She recently guest posted her great DIY Coconut Lemon Scrub for me. Try it out, it’s amazing stuff. I truly believe that it’s important that bloggers help other bloggers out. That’s why I feel pleasured to write this guest post for Clarissa.

This apple cider is super simple. All you do is toss and stir in the crock pot and you have yourself a perfect drink for all your Holiday parties, meals or cold winter nights. The first time I had this was when I decided to throw a craft night with all my mom friends when I lived in Washington. It was around Halloween time, and it was perfect for cold night and for crafting fun with friends. I hope you all enjoy this recipe and share with all your family and friends.Well lets get to the good stuff, the recipe for this fabulous Apple Cider.  Head on over to My Wife Styles to check out the recipe.