Crock pot Applesauce


I remember growing up we always had applesauce with pork chops or any sort of pork dish. It really gave the pork a great taste. I have continued this tradition after growing up and having my own little family. My husband had never had applesauce with pork dishes, but has really enjoyed it when I serve it. My mom used to can applesauce just about every year. One way to make applesauce without making loads of it is using a crockpot. Crockpots are the best, and can be used in multiple ways in the kitchen from soups, pasta, breads and of course different sauces. My favorite time of year to make this applesauce is in the fall time, but it can be made in any season. It will make your house smell delightful and like fall time.

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We loved it! I will for sure be making it again sometime. Babies and toddlers are sometimes not a fan of all the spices in this applesauce. If you find this I would leave the nutmeg out and don’t add the extra cinnamon at the end. My little boy who is 3 loves it though. Please share how your family likes your applesauce.