Christmas with Kids

Christmas with kids

Before we know it Christmas will be here, and the festivities that go along with it. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, and I love it even more since becoming a mom. I have  4 year old and a 2 year old as many of you know. Making Christmas magical for them is very important to me. Kids just make Christmas all worth the work, money and time us adults put into it.

It always seems like I am searching each year for activities to do with my kids during the Christmas holidays. Searching the web for hours on end to find the perfect, fun and suitable activities for them to participate in our home at Christmas time. Last year I did a great activity with them that I think will be a great one to do each year. We made hand print salt dough tree ornaments. They turned out great, and now we can look back each year as we decorate the tree of the great time we had making them.

Each year the kids list of wants and needs seems to get longer and longer the older they get. This is super overwhelming at times. If you add more of the moments of crafts, baking. decorating, and other great activities as a family with your children it will be a more enjoyable holiday for all.

I recently discovered JoAnn Crohn from A Whimsicle Life book “Christmas with Kids”. Click here to view more details


JoAnn has collaborated 13 different bloggers with 13 different activities that can be done with your children this Christmas. The activities vary from daily Christmas activities you can do with your children to holiday cookie parties ideas. The book also has a link to each bloggers website so that you can find more amazing activities and recipes of your favorites within the book.  There are great ideas for making homemade ornaments with your children. Also there are learning activities that even those great preschool teachers or home school moms out there can use in their classrooms.

I can hardly wait to do some of these crafts with my children during the holidays. I can’t wait to make the great memories with them! That is what Christmas should be about is the wonderful memories you make with your children and other family members. It’s all about making it magical for the kids!

Here’s a look at the inside of JoAnn’s book:


Follow this link to JoAnn’s book launch page:Click here to view more details  When you sign up you will receive three free videos about how to make the holidays magical with a focus on giving. The videos include ideas for Elf on a Shelf, Black Friday and ways to teach your children about sharing during the Christmas season. The videos will be emailed out on November 2nd,  November 5th and November 9th.  Each will lead into the release of the book on November 10th.
Starting November 10th, JoAnn will offer the book for $3.99 in a 48 hour flash sale.  After those 48 hours, the book will be back to the regular price of $4.99.  The last day the book will be available for sale is Friday, December 18th. So hurry to the book Launching page to get your copy.