Chicken & Rice

Chicken & Rice

We made carnitas Sunday night and had my in-laws over for dinner. Well we made way too much brown rice, so I needed to think of a way to use it in another meal. Chicken & rice is a great way to use up the rice you have left over. If you don’t have rice already made you can make this recipe as well. It just takes longer to make, so be sure to plan ahead.
This is one of my favorite great aunt Charlotte’s recipes. She has always been more of a grandma to my siblings and I. My mom’s dad passed away quite a few years ago. Ever since then my aunt Charlotte has been a mother figure to my mom. Last time I was at her house when my oldest was just over a year old she made chicken & rice for us for Sunday dinner. My aunt Charlotte and aunt Darlene always tell me that I was named after my two favorite great aunts. Great aunts are the best!
6-7 chicken tenders, thawed
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1 can of cream of celery soup
1 1/4 cup of cooked or dried rice
1/4 cup of melted butter
Italian seasoning bread crumbs
garlic salt
Preheat oven to 375 for cooked rice, or 300 for rice that is not cooked. Mix all the soup with the rice in a large bowl. Add about 1 T of garlic salt and sprinkle as much pepper on as you would like. Mix it all together spread in a 9x 13 greased Pyrex pan. Take chicken tenders and dip in the melted butter, place them evenly on top of rice mixture. Sprinkle the top with Italian seasoning bread crumbs and garlic salt. Bake for 3 hours if it is rice that is not cooked. Bake for 1 hour if the rice is cooked. Be sure that the chicken is completely cooked through before serving.
Note* I like to have my rice already cooked because I can make sure that it gets done and is not crunchy. Make sure if you put it in the pan not cooked to check before serving to make sure it is cooked.

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  • CBAsay

    It’s so easy too Josie. Hope you like it!

  • Josie

    That looks so good and sounds so yummy! I need to remember this for next time im at home and can cook!