Canvas Art for Toddlers

Fun Canvas Art for toddlers

My almost 3 year old big girl, not baby girl anymore loves to do art projects. She especially loves to paint. She likes anything from water painting to her new love of painting on a canvas. I am finally getting around to decorating the kid’s rooms since moving into our house in October. Not bad right? Well I have most defiantly come up with ideas of how I want to decorate their rooms, and slowly getting to work on it.  My friend Kati suggested have the kids paint on a canvas, so they have art to hang up in their rooms. I loved this idea. I chose the colors I wanted in my little girls room, and bought the paint in those colors. My Chloe girl had a blast doing this. She made two paintings for her bedroom, and one for the the kids/guest bathroom.


Supplies You Need


Acrylic paints

Foam brushes

blue painters tape


paper plate

old clothes for your child to wear while painting


The best part was that the canvas and paint was verily cheap at Hobby Lobby. I got a pack of 11×14 sized canvas’s for $5.99, and a two pack of 16×20 sized canvas’s for $7.99. Then I picked out three different acrylic paints for Chloe to use. They were about $3 a piece. Lastly the sponge brushes were $1. I had the painters tape available at home already from painting the interior walls of our house.

1st step is to lay down newspaper to place your art work on while your child paints. Be sure to change them into clothes you don’t mind them getting paint all over them as well. The paint can wash out, but just in case. I taped the newspaper to the table so that it didn’t slide while your wiggly toddler painted.

2nd step is to tape off the canvas with different abstract shapes. Then put a dab of each paint color on your paper paint.

3rd step is to let your child have at it. It’s so fun to see what they create.

canvas p

canvas painting

love painting

I hope your kids enjoy this art project as much as my Chloe girl did. It kept her busy for at  least an hour working on these paintings. It’s so fun to see your little artist at work! Enjoy!


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