Color Easter Eggs

creative easter egg coloring

Easter is approaching quickly this year. With it being the 1st Sunday in April, that means we only have a few weeks to do Easter preparing. Coloring or Dying Easter eggs, (however you want to call it) it one of my favorite traditions growing up. My mom would always buy the traditional Easter egg kits and my siblings and I loved doing it. To be completely honest I didn’t really know that there was other ways you could dye eggs. lol. Well I decided that this year I want to do something a little more little kid friendly with my kids, so I did my research. I found some great ideas to use. Some are good for little, little kids, and others are great for older kids as well. So here’s my round up of 10 creative ideas for coloring Easter eggs. Which fun ideas have you used? Share your ideas, I would love to hear about them. Enjoy!

1: Easter Egg Fun For Little Ones Baby-Easter-Eggs-Who-Arted-07

2: Sparkly Dot Eggs

sparkle-eggs13: Confetti Easter Eggs


4: Sharpie Tye Dye Eggs

Tie-Dye-Easter-Eggs-45: Chalkboard Eggs   I actually watched the Rachael Ray Show just a few days ago, and they did these great chalkboard eggs. They look super easy and fun!

IMGP13206: Glow in the Dark Eggs

My kids would love, love love these. We have to try these ones.

glow eggs 0


7: Dinosaur Eggs

Mulicolored-Dino-Eggs8: Kool-aid Eggs

IMG_80599: Dying with Shaving Cream


10: Baking Soda Eggsbaking-soda-egg